Extensions are for everyone. If you are looking for fuller hair or longer hair we have you covered. Here at Heath Hair Salon we are certified in 4 types of Extensions. We feature: Top Secret Haircessory, Micro Bead,
Tape-In, and Hand Tied Beaded Row Extensions. We chose these methods to give our guests options tat fit their hair type the best. Our hair is top quality that gives back to the community that the hair comes from. We would love to set up a consultation with you to pick which method Is best for you.


Top Secret Haircessory

This little jewel not only adds a full and lustrous look to any hair type but it takes seconds to attach. It’s a simple snap on, snap off application which sets it apart from any other of its kind. And, it’s easy to care for because it is real hair. You can shampoo, condition, blow dry, curl with an iron, hot rollers, or flat iron to create whatever your desired style may be!

All Top Secret hair is 100% human hair and comes in 22 different colors and 7 different lengths. Extensions are not just for special occasions anymore. This is a permanent solution to provide you with the daily look you strive for. Whether your hair is thinning, you are tired of that itchy wig, or you always wanted to rock a pony-tail while working out, Top Secret solves for that.

Denise Rossouw, CEO of Top Secret, had a goal of empowering women and men to feel confident about their looks. This caused her to focus on a solution that could work for everybody and that led to the creation of the “Top Secret Haircessory.”


  • "What a difference Top Secret has made in my life. As I age, my hair is getting thinner and Top Secret has transformed my hair, adding the thickness I need to have, “easy to style” hair and lots of compliments. Thank you for giving me the extra confidence I needed!" -Diane P.

  • "I just wanted to say something: I’m about to order another Top Secret hair piece after 1 1/2 years, because I’ve worn mine out!!! I am 29 years old and have had a major problem with hair loss for the past 15 years. Medically unknown why, but major trauma in my life. I discovered your product 1 1/2 years ago, and it is sooo real, my own family doesn’t know I use it!" -Ashley T.

  • "Never knew hair could cause such a sensation. Never felt sexier, thanks to Top Secret and Denise!" -Ninette D.

  • "I have had a Top Secret Haircessory for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. After chemotherapy for breast cancer, all my hair did not come back. I was so self conscious, I couldn’t bear to go inside a store without a hat. My hairdresser ordered the piece for me and colored it to match my hair!" -Elaine S.