6 Tips to Avoid Heat Damaged Hair

No matter how hard we try it seems almost impossible to stay away from using heat on our hair. Hot tools are amazing to create gorgeous hairstyles but just how bad is heat styling for your hair? In short, damaged hair and excessive heat styling definitely go hand-in-hand. If you aren’t protecting your hair from hot tool, then you can be drying it out or causing your hair color to fade. Putting down your hot tools for good isn’t always an option and it doesn’t have to be. If you want to keep using your curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers, you just have to take a few extra precautions. Here are a few tips everyone who styles their hair should know about.


1.   Use a heat protectant:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to always use a heat protectant. Think of using heat protectant like using sunscreen before leaving your house. These products help to protect your hair, keep it healthy, and lock in your hair color.


2.   Set the right temperature:

After applying the heat protectant, make sure you’re using the right temperature when styling your hair. Thinner, finer hair has a higher chance of getting damaged; it’s always better to use a lower temperature when styling your hair. Try staying under 200 degrees Fahrenheit when curling or straightening your hair. If you have thicker hair, you can keep your hot tools set between 200 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


3.   One and done rule:

When using a hot tool to style your hair, don’t repeatedly run the tool through the same section of hair. You may think you are just trying to perfect that section of hair, but you could actually be causing damage. If your hot tool is set on the correct temperature setting, then one pass should be plenty enough.


4.   Monitor your frequency:

Try paying closer attention to how often you are using your hot tools. If you are using your hot tools too frequently, your hair may become brittle and damaged no matter how cautious you are. Try cutting back on the heat tools and give your hair a break.


5.   Follow up with a hair mask:

It is important to replenish your hair’s natural moisture after any heat styling. Try using a hydrating hair mask once a week and asking for a protein treatment every time you’re in a Redken elite salon. These two treatments combined will help strengthen your hair and keep your hair as healthy as possible. Your expert stylist will be able to recommend the best hair mask for your hair type.


6.   Try heatless hairstyles:

On days you aren’t using your heat tools, turn to heatless hairstyles to tame your mane. From boho braids to a messy up do, there are several gorgeous and easy-to-do hairstyles that don’t require the use of a hot tool. Be sure to keep some bobby pins and hairspray around for extra hold.

Curious about what else you should know about heat styling? Chat with your Redken stylist to see what steps you should be taking to protect your hair, and learn more about repairing already damaged hair