Jenny Layne Bakery: Custom made, beautiful & yummy!

Jenny Layne Bakery: Custom made, beautiful & yummy!


A note from the baker & entrepreneur, herself:

Ever since I could stir a pot, cooking has been my passion. I have always been an artist and in college I began to intertwine the two. Six years ago, I sold my first Texas Tech double T cake to a graduating student. This began my story. Today I am the proud owner of The Jenny Layne Bakery in Flower Mound, where we design custom cakes for any occasion. This year, we were voted Best cake Bakery in Denton County! All those years baking in my Mom’s tiny apartment kitchen have finally paid off. Orders keep rolling in and my small team continues to strive for the sweet taste of doing what we love.

The Jenny Layne Bakery’s mission is to accept any challenge our customers bring to the counter. Every product we create is custom tailored to our customers’ specifications. We never limit the servings, the flavors, or the design they desire. Nobody is restricted to a "packaged plan". Most of all, we take the time to get it right. If that means calling the client about the smallest detail, working until midnight, or even coming in on a day off to finish an order, then that’s what we do. We want to make each customer feel like they are valued, because they are essential to our success.

Jenny Layne

Note: I am tucking her contact info into my personal “party planning” folder & I can’t wait to “taste-test” her work!


Jenny Layne Bakery