Meet Rosa Huerta 2015 College Sponsorship Recipient

Rosa Huerta

Meet Rosa!

This young lady is our 2015 College Sponsorship recipient and we promise, she deserves it! Rosa is a hard-working, straight ‘A’ student with undeniable ambition and a goal to care for those in need.


Help us support her dream to become a nurse by donating to her college fund! It’s easy: Drop your donation in the College Fund Catcher located at the salon & spa’s front desk or donate online:

Get to know Rosa Huerta!

1) What are five words that describe you? Five words that describe me would be: Respectful, Persistent, helpful, loving and joyful

2) What are you most proud of? I am most proud of being the first in my family to pursue a university level career and the first to be honored with accepting an invitation to attend Health Science clinics and HOSA. I have learned a lot about my career options from them!

3) What do you dream about most often? I dream of helping people who require medical attention and supporting my family with my career.

4) What are the five things you want right now? #1: The opportunity to jump start my future as a medical professional #2: To meet positive and influential people in a work environment #3: A chance to prove who I can become and live up to my true potential #4: To find the right place for my in the medical world where I can do the most good #5: I would like to attend a prestigious medical school to obtain a higher degree of education in my field

5) What is the hardest thing you have ever done? The hardest thing I have ever done is applying for colleges knowing that my legal state would be a difficult barrier that would discourage me to attend.

6) Name one goal that you set and then achieved. Growing up, my older brother did not make the best choices and I saw how much it hurt and worried my mother. She was so upset knowing that he might not graduate high school. (Which he luckily did!) When I experienced that, I promised myself that I would do my best and make the right choices so that I can make my mother proud. I will finally achieve this by graduating on June 9, 2015.

7) What is the craziest thing you have ever done? The craziest thing I have ever done would have to be taking the Health Care Issues exam and not only passing, but progressing to state! Now I am advancing to Nationals in Anaheim, California. All that in the first year that Rockwall Heath High School joined HOSA!

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