Restorative Oncology Treatment

Restorative Oncology Treatment


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Restorative Oncology Treatment is now available at Heath Salon & Spa!


Heath Salon & Spa is now licensed and certified to provide Oncology Skin Care Services. Our Oncology Skin Care Therapists are professionally trained to perform restorative oncology skin care in a safe and sanitary setting that is beneficial and conducive to the health and well being of the oncology patient.   During Oncology Medical treatments and therapies, various side effects can occur as a result of the therapy, as well as medications.  Many patients experience extreme dehydration, severe dryness, chemo-induced acne or other skin changes or reactions. Skin care is extremely important in order to maintain the necessary amount of hydration to protect from bacterial invasion.

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Heath Salon & Spa’s Restorative Oncology Treatment: A gentle, soothing facial for skin undergoing chemotherapy, the goal is to soften and lift dead skin cells while starting the strengthening and building process with vital antioxidants, peptides and essential nutrients.

Our treatments start at $89

Call or come in today to discuss yours or your loved ones various treatment options with an Oncology Skin Care Professional.  

Want to help??? Ask us how to donate a Restorative Skin Care Service to a patient and/or their caretaker.

*This is in no way a substitute for medical treatment; we do not have the authority or permission to diagnose skin conditions, reactions, diseases or wounds associated with medical conditions.  All medical conditions and concerns will be referred to the clients/patients physician immediately.  Some conditions may require physician consent prior to treatment.