Rose Gold

Ready to dip your toes into one of 2017 most popular trends of Spring & Summer??

Here are a few things you need to know about ROSEGOLD!

**First & foremost always have a detailed consultation & calibrate with your stylist, especially over tone, placement, & maintenance, I can not stress enough bring pictures! **

Rosegold is subtle yet fun take on strawberry blonde. This is created by blending golden blonde with red & pink. The Spectrum of Rosegold varies, there are so many option; from Pink, peach, orange, gold, dessert rose etc. Suitable for most skin tones.

Another fantastic quality, Rosegold looks great in any placement; ombre, balayage, highlight, peekaboo or all over. It’s a great choice for brunettes who want a pop of color or blondes who want to try something a little more out of the box, without extreme change or the commitment to a darker color

Like most "fun" colors, fading is inevitable, Keep Your Rosegold beautiful longer by using a color safe shampoo like Color Extend magnetic: sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, that strengthens the hair fiber with soft flexible results from root to end.

Avoid shampooing too often; try Pillow Proof 2 day extender to push through "dirty hair" days. If every day shampooing is a must, another great alternative is Genius wash which is a no foam cleansing conditioner that you can use up to every other day; paraben-free, no sulfate, salt or harsh chemicals.

Conditioning treatments in salon & at home are highly recommended.

A chemistry or ‘Chem shot’ treatment is a powerful punch of in Salon customized conditioning. This provides your hair with protein, softness, shine & even volume. We also offer an assortment of take home conditioning such as the duel chamber Color Extend Magnetic Mega mask. This mask provides a deep, intense conditioner & a care extender to provide ultimate vibrancy that lasts up to 3 washes.

Set up your complimentary consultation with on of our Rosegold Experts today!!