What’s new at Heath Salon & Spa? Level System & Pricing

At Heath Salon & Spa, our team members participate in a structured level and pricing system. This system was created by Summit Salon and used by thousands of salons around the world. The structure and level system that we go by was recently given a customized makeover based on our guest’s needs and amount of education and experience our team members have achieved. This means that several of our talented stylists, estheticians and massage therapists just got a long over due raise, or “jumped to the next level” The details: This system of levels is based upon experience, education and client demand. It also allows opportunities for professional growth based on a provider’s level of achievement, which is measured by a series of goals established by the industry. This ensures not only professional growth for each of our team members but also allows for various guest’s needs to be met, such as budget and an array of services.

 Who we are: An award-winning salon and spa due to…technical excellence, continued education, superior customer service and growing successful women in business for over 20 years!


Thank you to our community and loyal guests for voting us THE BEST in 5 categories!! It is such an honor and we appreciate each one of you! 

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